Dar es Salaam: TACAIDS, 2013. 92 p.
Tanzania Commission for AIDS, TACAIDS
The Third National Multi-Sectoral Strategic Framework for Mainland Tanzania 2013/14-17/18 (NMSF III) provides a common understanding for all HIV and AIDS stakeholders and reflects current normative guidance in the national response effort. Development of the NMSF III has incorporated the evaluations of the previous NMSF II (2008-2012) and recent epidemiological analyses of HIV in Tanzania. The NMSF III recognizes that while the national average adult HIV prevalence rate has declined over the last ten years, HIV transmission rates among key populations, women, and in certain regions are not being adequately controlled. Further, there has not been a significant decline in overall HIV prevalence over the periods covered by the last two THMIS surveys. The comprehensive needs of People Living with HIV (PLHIV) are often not being met; stigma and discrimination still prevail; and the coordination of the national response is not resulting in all necessary services being available to those who need them. It is with this in mind that the NMSF III aims towards the long term goals of elimination of new HIV infections, deaths from HIV, and HIV-associated stigma and discrimination. Specifically, the NMSF III aims to achieve the following three overarching results by 2018: a HIV incidence rate of no more than 0.16% (from a baseline of 0.32% in 2012), a significant reduction in AIDS-related deaths, and a reduced HIV related stigma and discrimination among People Living with HIV and AIDS in the society.
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