Dar Es Salaam: The United Republic of Tanzania, 2001. 45 p.
Tanzania UR. National AIDS Commission
This National Policy on HIV/AIDS provides the general framework for our collective and individual response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. It clearly outlines the pertinent issues in this struggle. These include, among others, roles of the various sectors, roles in the prevention, care and support in HIV/AIDS, ethics and principles in HIV counselling and testing, the rights of People Living with HIV/AIDS, and the mandate and functions of the Tanzanian Commission for AIDS (TACAIDS) in the national response to the epidemic.This policy document begins by presenting thebackground to HIV/AIDS epidemic in Tanzania. The current situation is presented followed by the goals of the national policy and the actions that are to be taken by the stakeholders.The national policy on HIV/AIDS provides for a framework for leadership and coordination of the National Multisectoral response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Specific objectives include:prevention of transmissionHIV testingcare for PLHASectoral roles and financingresearchlegislation and legal issues
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