Theatre for a Change, 2011. 44 p.
Sikstrom, Laura
Theatre for a Change Malawi
Malawi is among the 10 countries in the world with the highest HIV prevalence rate, estimated at 12%. Among occupational groups, teachers in Malawi are especially at risk. Their HIV prevalence rate is 23%, almost double the national rate (National AIDS Commission 2009). However, when trainee teachers enter into Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) their estimated HIV prevalence rate is under 3%. Theatre for a Change (TfaC)has identified TTCs as an ideal environment to work with this vulnerable population before they encounter situations that will put them at risk of HIV infection. The goal of the TTC Programme is to reduce the risk of HIV infection among teachers and their future learners. The TTC Programme’s curriculum has two major components. The first component focuses on the behaviour change of the participants and advocacy regarding gender and sexual rights. TfaC’s accredited behaviour change facilitators use participatory learning techniques, such as sculpting and role play, to facilitate participants' critical examination of how their knowledge, attitudes and behaviours put them at risk of HIV infection. Furthermore, workshops explore concepts of gender and sexual rights. This independent endline impact assessment was carried out from May to June 2011 using a multi-method approach including a self-administered survey, qualitative interviews and structured observations at eight Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) with over 1600 core, peer and life skills members. The aim of this assessment is to compare the endline results to the baseline results collected in October 2010 to measure progress according to the targets outlined in Theatre for a Change’s logframe.
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