1999. 63 p.
World Bank, Thailand Office
This report, commissioned by the World Bank Office in Thailand as an outgrowth of our participation in the United Nations Thematic Working Group on HIV/AIDS in Thailand, is the work of a team of analysts which visited Thailand in 2000 to consult with government officials, international agencies, non-government organizations and research institutes about their perspectives on the Thai HIV/AIDS control program. Though in the midst of a powerful epidemic, Thailand has been successful in controling some of the spread of the disease through effective prevention measures among high risk groups such as commercial sex workers. Two main issues this report tackles are 1) What are the lessons learned from Thailand 's response to the AIDS epidemic for other countries in the region and in the world? and 2) What are the highest priority activities for improving the effectiveness of the response? By focusing on the big picture, the report seeks to define areas in which the Thai government, building on past experience and using its limited public resources can have the largest impact in reducing the epidemic and helping those living with AIDS.
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