2012. 7 p.
Nglazi1, Mweete
Kranzer, Katharina
Holele, Pearl
Kaplan, Richard
Mark, Daniella
Jaspan, Heather
Lawn, Stephen
Wood, Robin
Bekker, Linda-Gail
Periodical title: 
BMC Infectious Diseases 12:21
As the HIV epidemic matures, survival of children with perinatally acquired HIV infection into adolescence is increasingly being documented in sub-Saharan African countries. In addition, the burden of HIV in the adolescent patient population in the region is also due to sexual transmission, with adolescents and young adults being particularly vulnerable to this mode of infection. HIV care and treatment services in the region need to adapt to adequately meet the specific needs of this expanding disease burden among adolescents. Very few data are available on treatment outcomes of adolescents living with HIV infection (whether perinatally acquired or sexually acquired) in sub-Saharan Africa. The present study therefore compared the treatment outcomes in adolescents with those of young adults at a public sector community-based ART programme in Cape Town, South Africa.
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