Calverton, MD: ICF Macro, 2010. 35 p.
Rusakaniko, Simbarashe
Chikwasha, Vasco
Bradley, Sarah
Mishra, Vinod
Periodical title: 
Zimbabwe Working Papers, No. 5
This study assesses trends in the prevalence and status of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) based on data from 2005-06, 1999, and 1994 Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Surveys (ZDHS). The study examines four categories of OVC - orphans, fostered children, children in households with no adults age 18-59, and children in households with chronic illness or recent death due to chronic illness. The study analyzes whether these groups are more disadvantaged in education and nutrition than the reference group - children who are not orphans, not fostered, live in households with an adult age 18-59, and live in households with no chronic illness and no recent death due to chronic illness. The study also examines whether adolescent OVC age 15-17 are more likely to engage in sexual risk-taking than the reference group.
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