2009. 58 p.
Wabwire-Mangen, Fred
Odiit, Martin
Kirungi, Wilford
Kaweesa Kisitu, David
Okara Wanyama, James
Uganda AIDS Commission
The authors used the standard Modes of Transmission methodology as described in the UNAIDS/GAMET guidelines. They consulted recent reviews of the epidemiology of HIV in Uganda and reviewed recent available data, applied the UNAIDS incidence model to predict the distribution of new infections, used the MoT prevention review tool to describe the current prevention policies and programs and reviewed the current allocation of resources for HIV prevention. They then synthesized the findings from the epidemiologic review with the outputs of the incidence modelling to obtain the "Know Your Epidemic" (KYE) synthesis and the prevention review and resource allocation data to obtain the "Know Your Response" (KYR) synthesis. Finally, the GAMET synthesis process was used to assess whether prevention policies, programs and resources are aligned to the populations in need.
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