Pretoria: Medical Research Council, 2010. 180 p.
Reddy, S. P.
James, S.
Sewpaul, R.
Koopman, F.
Funani, N. I.
Sifunda, S.
Josie, J.
Masuka, P.
Kambaran, N.S.
Omardien, R. G.
Medical Research Council
The first Youth Risk Behaviour Survey (YRBS) conducted in 2002, was one of the first studies undertaken in South Africa, and possibly in Africa, to establish the prevalence of key risk behaviours affecting the country's youth. This, the second National Youth Risk Behaviour Survey, reports on the prevalence of the key behaviours related to infectious diseases (sexual behaviour and hygiene), chronic disease (nutrition and dietary behaviours and physical activity), injury and trauma (violence and traffic safety) and mental health (suicide-related behaviours and substance abuse) as reported by the sampled learners. The objectives of the study, in the most part like the first study, is to provide provincially and nationally representative data, inform intervention development, inform policy development and adaptation, to assess and project how risk behaviours change over time, and provide an early warning system for future epidemics related to risk behaviour.
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