Washington DC: CHANGE, 2003. 188 p., illus.
Kidd, Ross
Clay, Sue
Change Project
International Center for Research on Women, ICRW
Understanding and Challenging HIV Stigma - Toolkit for Action
There is an additional series of activities/lessons that come with this toolkit. Though intended for use as a training guide for professionals some lessons are also appropriate for secondary students.
The CHANGE project and ICRW worked in conjunction with NGOS in Ethiopia, Zambia, and Tanzania to construct this toolkit of information and activities. The kit contains 7 modules, each accompanied by several exercises (a total of 57). The target groups are AIDS professionals and community groups, with the hope that the toolkit will benefit trainers and others working in the area of HIV/AIDS by providing the information necessary to recognize and combat stigma. The exercises utilize participatory learning methods with lessons that have clear instructions, time frames and tasks. Some modules focus on the special needs of children and also of people living with HIV/AIDS. The graduated process begins with "Naming the Problem", and moves to "More Understanding Less Fear", then to "Sex, Morality, Shame and Blame" and then "Caring for PLHAs in the Family". Section E addresses "PLHAs Coping with Stigma", followed by "Understanding Stigma Faced by Children", and ends with "Moving to Action". The annex includes information sheets and FAQs. There are 69 more exercises available in a separate body.
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