Bangkok: UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office, 2011. 172 p.
University of Melbourne, Graduate School of Education, Youth Research Centre
University of Melbourne, Nossal Institute for Global Health
Burnet Institute
This course has been developed to provide guidance around youth-specific HIV programming and support staff working across the Asia Pacific region to meet the specific needs and rights of young people from key affected populations. Course objectives: Provide an overview of global, regional and country-level data on YKAP, and consider how to gather and use better strategic information; Review and critique different frameworks for programming for YKAP, and introduce and apply different tools and practical guidelines; Review the evidence base on programming for YKAP, and promising programmes in the region and beyond; Develop strategies for the effective and appropriate engagement of YKAP and their communities in all phases of the programming and policy process. The course covers a broad range of topics including gender, rights, sexuality, drugs and evidence-based action. It also reviews current policy and programmes and looks critically at a range of interventions.
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