2009. 130 p.
The purpose of this report is to document the progress made by countries participating in the Mainstreaming Programme in the second and third years of the programme. It is intended as a knowledge-sharing document to facilitate the exchange of practical experiences in HIV mainstreaming, as well as a programming report to facilitate monitoring and future evaluations of the Mainstreaming Programme. It also aims to provide a consolidated progress report to enable sponsors of the programme to track progress, analyze trends and draw some conclusions concerning the future direction for providing technical support to HIV mainstreaming. It is structured into five sections. Section 1 is an introduction to the report and the Mainstreaming Programme, and section 2 provides an overview of theá Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper status and HIV prevalence in Round 1 and 2 countries. Sections 3 and 4 provide individual country reviews that summarize the activities, key results, challenges, lessons learned and the proposed next steps in each country. Section 5 provides a cross-country overview of all the activities and results, challenges and lessons learned in Round 1 and 2 countries in 2007 and 2008. The annexes provide reference tables summarizing the activities and outputs in each country, as weltools and resources developed in participating countries.
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