Paris: UNESCO, 2008. 69 p.
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Recommandations de l'UNESCO pour la terminologie et la rédaction de documents relatifs au VIH et au SIDA
Recomendaciones de la UNESCO sobre la terminología y la redacción del material relativo al VIH y al SIDA
UNESCO guidelines on language and content in HIV and AIDS-related materials (in Russian)
The complexity of HIV and AIDS, and the fact that what makes them exceptional is the stigma attached – a real impediment to prevention – makes the way we describe, discuss and portray HIV and AIDS instrumental to our success in effectively responding to the pandemic. It is for this reason that UNESCO has developed the UNESCO Guidelines on Language and Content in HIV- and AIDS-Related Materials. UNESCO and its partners envision that the Guidelines can help harmonise the use of language and content to refl ect an approach to the epidemic which is comprehensive and inclusive, sensitive to the needs and issues of the whole population, but with focused attention on especially vulnerable populations. The Guidelines were developed on the basis of consultations with and the support of colleagues within UNESCO and other UNAIDS Cosponsors, as well as other key stakeholders in the global response to HIV and AIDS. As our collective experiences and knowledge on HIV and AIDS evolve, these Guidelines are to be considered as a living document to be updated regularly.
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