Nairobi: National AIDS Control Council, 2010. 96 p.
Kenya. National AIDS Control Council
The Kenya 2010 UNGASS reporting process began with a briefing of all partners by the National AIDS Control Council (NACC) and the UNGASS Technical Working Group. Three sub-committees were established to guide data collection and analysis process - the Stakeholder Engagement, AIDS Spending and Core Indicators Sub-Committees. Three consultants were contracted to support data collection, analysis and the development of the UNGASS report. Data was collected through consultative meetings and one-to-one interviews with civil society organizations (CSOs), development partners, UN Agencies and public sector representatives. The NCPI PART A was completed by key informants from line ministries, departments and relevant institutions in collaboration with NACC. Part B of the NCPI was completed through consultations with CSO networks (national and international NGOs) UN Agencies and development partners. NACC organized a consensus meeting to validate the NCPI responses. Data collection for the UNGASS Core Indicators and for the Universal Access Report was undertaken as a joint process. The UNGASS TWG, NACC and NASCOP organized a final validation meeting with all the stakeholders involved in the process in order to agree on and validate the final report.
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