2012. 8 p.
De Beer, Ingrid
Gelderblom, Huub
Schellekens, Onno
Gaeb, Esegiel
Van Rooy, Gert McNally, Alta:Wit, Ferdinand
De Wit, Rinke
Periodical title: 
Journal of the International AIDS Society, 15 (9)
With an overall adult HIV prevalence of 15.3%, Namibia is facing one of the largest HIV epidemics in Africa. Young people aged 20 to 34 years constitute one of the groups at highest risk of HIV infection in Namibia. However, little is known about the impact of HIV on this group and its access to healthcare. The purpose of this study was to estimate HIV prevalence, to assess the knowledge of and attitudes towards HIV/AIDS, and to assess access to healthcare among university students in Namibia.
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