Menlo Park, CA: The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 2011. 24 p.
Kates, Jennifer
Fleischman, Janet
Kaiser Family Foundation
President Obama announced the U.S. Global Health Initiative (GHI) in May 2009 as a step in developing a comprehensive, global health government strategy. One of its seven central tenets relates to "women, girls and gender equality." Eight GHI Plus countries (those in which the US rolls out health programs selected for accelerated implementation of GHI). This report assesses how this GHI requirements for strategies and 10 Key Elements of Implementation were integrated into GHI Plus country strategies. The report finds that the GHI principles impacted GHI Plus countries' strategies in terms of content and future direction. All the countries identified health of women and girls as a top priority, some even addressed gender equality by focusing on social, cultural and economic determinants of health and ensuring that health decision-making and planning bodies would include women. The extent to which each focused on women, girls and gender equality, and addressed the Key Elements, varied, with most addressing six or seven elements.
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