USAID, 2011. 62 p.
Barnes, Carolyn
Sy-Ar, Mohamad
Nana Poku, Fred
Larbi, Jacob
Global Health Technical Assistance Project
This assessment is intended to assist the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS releif (PEPFAR) Inter-Agency Team in Ghana, its implementing partners, and the Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC) in documenting and assessing PEPFAR Ghana's HIV stigma reduction efforts. The work in Ghana was carried out from May 18 to June 3, 2011. The assessment objectives are to: document the status of current stigma reduction efforts in PEPFAR Ghana's portfolio; determine the existing strengths and weaknesses of PEPFAR Ghana programe approach to stigma reduction; develop a tool to monitor HIV stigma reduction activities in PEPFAR Ghana's portfolio; male recommendations for the continuted strengthening of PEPFAR Ghana's stigma reduction efforts and identify opportunities for PEPFAR to promote opportunities for coordination and integration of innovative approaches; offer suggestions on ways to integrate HIV stigma reduction activities into other HIV and non-HIV specific programs.
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