Amsterdam: Dutch National School Alliance for Sexual Diversity, GALE, 2014. 8 p.
Bieleman, Lisa
van Dijk, Ingeborg
Langezaal, Lavinia
Verheggen, Nathalie
Dankmeijer, Peter
Global Alliance for LGBT Education, GALE
Dutch National School Alliance for Sexual Diversity
There is an increasing number of “rainbow families”: families where one or both parents or/and co-care takers are lesbian, homosexual, bisexual or transgender. Although the upbringing of children in such rainbow families does not differ from heterosexual families, rainbow families often have to deal with specific challenges. They often get negative or prejudiced comments and questions about their family composition. Parents, their children, but also their environment have to learn how to deal with such events. This makes rainbow families different to some extent. This brochure helps you to prepare your primary school in being a welcoming environment for rainbow families.
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