Bishkek: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit, GTZ, 2004. 33 p.
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit, GTZ
Voprosy molodezhi Kyrgystana
This document is the fifth volume in a series of eight "question and answer" booklets developed in Kyrgyzstan by UNICEF and the GTZ. Similar booklets have been initially developed by GTZ in Tanzania and then adapted to different countries. The present series consists of an adaptation to the needs and cultural context of Kyrgyzstan, based on a survey realized among Kyrgyz adolescents. It is designed to provide young people with the necessary knowledge to make healthy choices for themselves and their peers. The series contain basic facts about human physiology and reproduction, sexuality, prevention of unwanted pregnancies, HIV/STIs, drugs & alcohol. This fifth volume deals with 31 questions about pregnancy. Some of the questions asked are the following: "How can I get pregnant?"," "Can I get pregnant by having sex only once?", Why do women after 40-45 years cannot get pregnant?, . The answers vary on length but all provide clear and precise information on the matter
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