Moscow: ZR, 2005. 93 p., tabs.
Zdorovaja Rossija
This manual is part of a kit produced within an extracurricular programme of HIV & AIDS education using the peer education method. It is intended for young volunteers between the ages of 14 and 19 who are going to communicate with their peers about HIV & AIDS. It is divided into three chapters which include I) "Theory", II) "Practice" and III) "Volunteer's toolkit". The first chapter explains what is meant by voluntary work and provides basic information on HIV & AIDS. The second chapter gives instructions to the young volunteer on the ways to prepare and carry out individual or group lessons. The third chapter proposes a wide range of interactive activities that could be used during the lessons. Appendices contain a glossary, a collection of useful links and a sample plan of a seminar dedicated to the topic "We know how to prevent HIV & AIDS".
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