2004. 23 p.
Wyss, Shannon E.
Periodical title: 
International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 17:5
This paper explores the experiences of harassment and violence endured by seven gender nonconforming youth in US high schools. Based on a larger research project, it opens an inquiry into the school-based lives of gender-variant teens, a group heretofore ignored by most academics and educators. Breaking violence down into two main types (physical and sexual), this work uses informants' voices, along with 'doing gender' theory, to analyze the experiences of butch lesbian girls, trans teenagers, and genderqueer youth. The author also examines the impact of this violence on their self-esteem, academic achievement, substance use and sexual lives. This paper points out the similarities and differences between gender identity groups and suggests specific areas for schoolbased and cultural reform that would protect such teens.
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