Children's Rights Centre, 2009. 80 p.
Giese, Sonja
Children's Rights Centre
This guide provides easy to use information on the National HIV and AIDS and STI Strategic Plan for South Africa 2007-2011 (NSP). The guide focuses specifically on what the NSP means for children and families, and for the individuals and organisations that work with them - a constituency that has come to be known as the "Children's Sector". The Children's Sector was actively involved in the drafting of the NSP and has an important role to play in implementing the plan and in monitoring service delivery. This guide may also be useful to other sectors of civil society. This guide places children and their caregivers at the centre: it identifies the needs of children affected by HIV and AIDS and looks at what provisions the NSP makes to address these needs; it highlights some important gaps in the NSP; and it provides information on additional resources which may be helpful.
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