Pretoria: Centre for the Study of AIDS, 2006. 96 p.
Crewe, Mary
Pieterse, Jimmy
Van Wyk, Barry
AIDS Review 2005 focuses on the impact of HIV and AIDS on agriculture and the politics of food access and production. The review employs an historical perspective in grappling with these issues, and argues that the effects of HIV/AIDS and those of food insecurity are best understood when one takes into account the specifics of the historical development of South Africa's political economy and especially the development of the agricultural sector. Food insecurity is as much a product of historical injustices as it is of current policy decisions and to an extent the impact and effect of HIV/AIDS. What's Cooking seeks to put these issues into context and to provide some possible explanations as to why South Africa faces problems of such magnitude in terms of food provision and the HIV and AIDS epidemics. Many studies have emphasised personal risk factors and psychological determinants of HIV infection. However, since the link between HIV/AIDS and malnutrition has been firmly established, What's Cooking emphasises macroeconomic policies and how they give rise to socio-economic conditions that exacerbate peoples' vulnerability to food insecurity and HIV infection and hasten the development of AIDS and affect the success of treatment. What's Cooking critically examines the socio-economic conditions that underpin food insecurity on the one hand and perpetuate the HIV/AIDS epidemic on the other.
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