2002. 13 p.
Visser, Muriel
Paper presented at the International Conference of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), Dallas, TX, November 12-16, 2002
In Mozambique teachers have been given a major role in promoting HIV/AIDS awareness and behavioural change among children. Teachers' own experiences and attitudes will influence how they deal with this challenge. This paper presents the results of a three-month study of teachers in Mozambique and provides a kaleidoscope of personal accounts of the impact of HIV/AIDS on teachers' lives and their work, how children are confronted with the disease, and how instructors perceive their role as communicators in combating this pandemic. Teachers emerge from this study as researchers themselves, actively seeking to understand the complex manner in which HIV/AIDS is linked to issues such as poverty, conflict in society, corruption, human rights and certain cultural habits and beliefs.
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