Accra: World Education, 2006. 155 p.
United States Agency for International Development, USAID
Ghana. Ministry of Education, Science and Sports, MOESS
World Education
The revised Window of Hope: HIV/AIDS Syllabus for Teacher Training Colleges in Ghana is intended to be used by Teacher Training College tutors as they prepare teacher trainees for service in Ghanaian schools. Window of Hope refers to age group of 5-14 year-olds who have not yet been infected by the AIDS virus. The revised Window of Hope is comprised of 26 distinct sessions designed to be spaced out over the teacher training college cycle. These sessions are organised into thematic modules: Basic Facts about HIV/AIDS, Consequences of HIV/AIDS, Responses to HIV/AIDS, Teaching in a World with HIV/AIDS, as well as Methodology of Teaching HIV/AIDS. In addition, the revised Window of Hope syllabus includes a guide to using Window of Hope and a kit of additional training resources.
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