Lusaka: Afya Mzuri, 2006. 61 p.
Smart, Rose
McKenna, Sharon
Afya Mzuri
This document is a user-friendly, interactive resource that can be used in different ways to support the development of HIV and AIDS policies in workplaces of all sizes and in all sectors. The Policy Manual draws on international and national good practices. It was piloted in early 2006 with representatives from the member organisations of the Zambia Workplace AIDS Partnership (ZWAP) during a workplace HIV and AIDS policy workshop. The Policy Manual consists of six sections: Section One gets you started. Section Two contains important contextual information and tools that can be used in preliminary interactions with clients. Section Three provides key points about workplace HIV and AIDS policies, tools to use when designing a policy and a template and example of a model policy. Section Four gives guidance on the process to follow when developing a policy. Section Five covers issues related to monitoring and reviewing a policy. Section Six contains a number of appendices, including examples of workplace HIV and AIDS policies.
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