Arlington, VA: Family Health International, FHI, 2002. 101 p.
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Programmes de lutte contre VIH/SIDA dans l'entreprise: Guide à l'intention des gestionnaires et des dirigeants
Programas sobre VIH/SIDa en el lugar de trabajo : una guía de acción para gerente
Rau, Bill
An Action Guide for Managers provides practical steps for developing and implementing workplace prevention and care programs that will serve both employees and managers.The guide is designed for use by companies' human resources managers, medical officers and union representatives.Users will find guidance in assessing the real and potential impact of HIV/AIDS on their company, in developing an HIV/AIDS policy to cover the workplace and on designing and implementing HIV/AIDS prevention and care programs for the workplace.The guide includes a series of checklists to aid in decision-making about particular components of workplace HIV/AIDS programs. Further, the guide suggests strategies for company managers and union leaders to obtain assistance for their HIV/AIDS programs. It also includes examples and case studies of how other companies have responded to the epidemic.Workplace HIV/AIDS Programs: An Action Guide for Managers reflects over a decade of global effort by Family Health International and other organizations to address HIV/AIDS in the workplace. As such, users will find it both comprehensive and action-oriented.
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