2010. 4 p.
French, Patricia A.
Interagency Youth Working Group, IYWG
YouthLens on Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS, No. 33
Attention paid to adults most at risk for HIV/AIDS - people who sell sex, those who inject drugs, and men who have sex with men (MSM) - is growing. Unfortunately, the particular needs of young people (ages 10 to 24) in these groups have drawn little focus. Young people who are most at risk for infection with HIV are among society’s most marginalized groups. In most cultures, the prevailing reaction to behavior linked to high risk of HIV infection is to try to prevent and punish it. Programs that aim to reduce harm provoke opposition, because they seem to tolerate or enable illegal behavior. Rather than suppress such programs, governments, law enforcement, and social agencies should cooperate with them, and remove the barriers to services that young people most at risk of HIV so clearly need.
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