2009. 178 p.
World Bank Global AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Team, GAMET
Zambia. National HIV/AIDS/STD/TB Council
The purpose of this epidemic, response and policy synthesis is to provide an overall analysis of the HIV epidemic and response in Zambia by drawing together, triangulating and reconciling various and different data sources in order to make recommendations as to how the response could be improved. The specific objectives of the synthesis were to: "Know your epidemic" (KYE) - describe and understand the epidemiological situation in Zambia - the national epidemic phase and trends, the heterogeneity of epidemic and the modes of transmission at national level "Know your response" (KYR) - describe and understand the HIV prevention response in Zambia - the policy environment for HIV prevention, the availability of strategic information to inform prevention, the range of implemented HIV prevention efforts in the country, the stakeholders involved in HIV prevention, and the expenditure for different types of prevention programmes; Link the KYE data and KYR data to understand the scope, relevance and comprehensiveness of HIV prevention policies and programmes in Zambia, the alignment of prevention programme resources to strategic prevention priorities, and gaps in strategic information about HIV prevention; Recommend improvements in HIV prevention policies, programmatic action, and resource allocation to ensure greater success in prevention programmes, and fewer new HIV infections in Zambia.
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