USAID, 2009. 9 p.
Biemba, Godfrey
Macwan'gi, Mubiana
Phiri, Bernard
Simon, Jonathon
Costello, Jill
Beard, Jen
Brooks, Bram
Boston University, Center for Global Health and Development
University of Zambia, Institute of Economic and Social Research
Addressing the needs of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) and mitigating negative outcomes of the growing OVC population worldwide is a high priority for national governments and international stakeholders across the globe who recognize this as an issue with social, economic, and human rights dimensions. Assembling the relevant available data on OVC in one place, and acknowledging the gaps that still exist in our knowledge, will assist policy makers and program implementers to make evidence-based decisions about how best to direct funding and program activities and maximize positive outcomes for children and their caretakers. This Research Situation Analysis, Zambia Country Brief presents a program-focused summary of available information on:áThe number of orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia; Current policies, programs and interventions designed and implemented to assist them; Gaps in these policies, programs and interventions; OVC research conducted between 2004-2008; Gaps in the Zambian OVC evidence base. The Brief analyzes the available data for critical gaps in the national response and our understanding about whether current interventions are fulfilling the needs and improving the lives of vulnerable children. The report then recommends actions required to increase the knowledge base for improving the effectiveness and impact of OVC programs.
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