Ministry of Labour, Youth, Women and Children Development, 2009. 32 p.
Zanzibar. Ministry of Labour, Youth, Employment, Women and Children Development
Zanzibar AIDS Commission
Version 1
This Zanzibar gender operational plan is a follow up to implement the recommended strategies which were contained in the gender and HIV&AIDS publication. The process of developing this Zanzibar gender mainstreaming operational plan involved: Review of the Ministry of Labour, Youth, Women and Children Development (MLYWCD) study report of gender facilitating factors for HIV; Review of the MLYWCD study report on gender based violence; Review of the gender and HIV&AIDS publication from MLYWCD; Review of existing literature in the United Republic of Tanzania and other countries; Key informant interviews; Stakeholder consultation through meetings; Peer review, and; Finalization of this publication. This operational plan aims at guiding the implementers and managers of gender and HIV programmes in planning, budgeting, raising funds and implementing their HIV&AIDS interventions.
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