Zanzibar AIDS Commission, 2011. 88 p.
Zanzibar AIDS Commission
United Nations Tanzania
The Zanzibar National HIV Strategic Plan 2011-2016 (ZNSP-II) has been formulated to guide the national HIV response and builds on the efforts and achievements of the ZNSP-I (2005-2009). The goal of ZNSP-II is to: i) prevent the spread of HIV in Zanzibar; ii) to mitigate the associated ill health (morbidity), socio-economic and psychosocial impact of the HIV epidemic on individuals, their families and communities, the key populations in Zanzibar and the whole nation; and iii) provide access to care and treatment for all eligible PLHIV. The Zanzibar National HIV Strategic plan 2011-2016 has five priority areas as listed below: Prevention of new infections; Treatment, care and support of the PLHIV; Mitigation of socio-economic impact of the epidemic; Creation of an Enabling environment; and Research, monitoring and evaluation.
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