Zanzibar: Zanzibar AIDS Commission, 2006. 70 p. + 77 p.
Zanzibar AIDS Commission
Version 2.1 (vol. 1). Version 2.3 (vol 2)
The goal of Zanzibar’s National Multisectoral HIV Monitoring and Evaluation System is to enable ZAC and its partners to monitor the spread and impact of the epidemic in Zanzibar, to monitor the efficiency of the national response to HIV, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the national response to HIV, using relevant and accurate HIV data for use in planning effective interventions. This would result in an evidence based multisectoral approach towards planning for the interventions against HIV. The objectives of the M&E System are to: Develop clear M&E strategies that will enable systematic collection of data that can be used to detect changes in the epidemic and effects of interventions (efficiency and effectiveness) and then inform and guide the national HIV response: Define the roles of stakeholders – ZAC, Ministries, Departments and Agencies, local government, networks and umbrella organisations and Civil Society organisations (CSOs) – in the systematic collection, collation, analysis and use of HIV data in order to avoid duplication of efforts; Improve information sharing and dissemination of information and the use of data in planning interventions; Promote creation of partnerships and linkages between various development stakeholders at various levels of implementation; Promote coordination of HIV services, and ensure equity in the provision of, access to and utilisation of HIV services; Monitor the success of the national response as well as identifying lessons learnt and best practices for scaling up.
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