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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. SRH and HIV linkages compendium: Indicators and related assessment tools

    Ensuring universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights and HIV prevention, treatment, care and support are essential for development, including in the post 2015 agenda. However, while there are many separate sexual and reproductive health (SRH) related and HIV-related indicators, a key challenge has been the lack of internationally agreed indicators to measure progress in linking SRH and HIV. …

  2. Adolescents Living with HIV (ALHIV) Toolkit

    This toolkit, created by USAID, AED, and collaborating organizations, provides resources relevant to the treatment, care, and support of adolescents living with HIV worldwide (ALHIV), namely training; treatment literacy and adherence; counseling and disclosure; life skills; prevention and reproductive health; psychosocial support; human rights and advocacy; peer education; adolescent transitioning and research, policy, and promising practices.

  3. Manual del usuario del equipo multidisciplinario que brinda Targa: Psicología

    Manual de procedimientos para profesionales que conforman los equipos multidisciplinarios encargados de administrar el TARGA a nivel nacional en Perú. Se incluye información general, sintomatología y procedimientos, además de especificaciones para distintos tipos de pacientes y la atención psicológica pertinente. El documento está orientado principalmente al tratamientoápsicológico y no así al social o farmacológico.

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