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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. HIV testing, treatment and prevention: generic tools for operational research

    As part of its efforts to obtain evidence to inform the public health approach to HIV treatment and prevention, the HIV/AIDS Department of the World Health Organization has developed tools for operational research on topics that have relevance to programmes. The tools include two major parts: 1) A main document which is intended to serve as a basis for formulating research questions and designing an operational research project to address them. …

  2. Training manual. Introduction to HIV/AIDS counselling skills

    Training manual. Introduction to HIV/AIDS counselling skills

  3. Evaluating programs for HIV/AIDS prevention and care in developing countries: a handbook for program managers and decision makers

    A comprehensive manual to guide the systematic monitoring and evaluation of HIV/AIDS prevention and care programmes in developing countries. The focus is on programmes related to the sexual transmission of HIV. It was developed for a target audience of program managers and decision makers of service delivery programmes as opposed to researchers. While dealing with programmes principally targeted outside the school for diverse sections of the community, sections of this handbook, such as the chapter on behaviour change communication interventions, are of relevance to school based programmes. …

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