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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Maputo plan of action for the operationalisation of the continental policy framework for sexual and reproductive health and rights 2007-2010

    This Maputo Plan of Action for the Operationalisation of the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Continental Policy Framework seeks to take the continent forward towards the goal of universal access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services in Africa by 2015. …

  2. The World Bank's reproductive health action plan 2010-2015

    Reproductive health (RH) is a key facet of human development. Improved RH outcomes - lower fertility rates, improved pregnancy outcomes, and lower sexually transmitted infections (STIs) - have broader individual, family, and societal benefits, including a healthier and more productive work force; greater financial and other resources for each child in smaller families; and as a means for enabling young women to delay childbearing until they have achieved educational and other goals. …

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