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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Previniendo el vih en adultos mayores

    Manual de prevención de VIH/sida para el adulto mayor. Describe las características del VIH, sus formas de transmisión y como evitarlas y cuáles son prácticas riesgosas y cuáles seguras. También trata acerca de los efectos del VIH en los mayores de 60 años y los cuidados que se deben tener si se vive con VIH.

  2. Gender, poverty and intergenerational vulnerability to HIV/AIDS

    This article looks at HIV/AIDS, poverty and gender, and focuses on young girls and old women. It starts with some basic facts about HIV/AIDS, and then provides a framework for analysing vulnerability to the infection and to its impact, in relation to gender and age. It briefly outlines institutional responses, and ends up with conclusion and recommendations for development planners to combine gender and age analysis in any development or humanitarian work.

  3. Knowledge and attitudes of older people about HIV/AIDS in Thailand: a comparison with young adults

    The report examines the level of AIDS awareness among older Thais, using attitudinal data collected during 1999 from a sample of 773 older Thais aged over 50 years from four provinces and Bangkok. The publication then compares the results with data obtained from 398 young adults who were sample using the same questionnaire at the same sites and at the same time.

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