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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Strategies to support the HIV-related needs of refugees and host populations

    In this study, UNHCR and UNAIDS seek to inform and support key decision-makers on HIV-related issues facing refugees, other populations of concern to UNHCR, and the populations of host countries. The content of this document focuses on sub-Saharan Africa, but the concepts discussed are applicable to refugee situations outside this region. This report presents an overview of the following areas. a) The various transitions of refugee life-often referred to as the ""cycle of displacement""-which begin at the onset of a complex emergency and last until a durable solution is implemented. …

  2. Downward spiral. HIV/AIDS, state capacity, and political conflict in Zimbabwe

    The purpose of this study is to demonstrate, by focusing on the case of Zimbabwe, how HIV/AIDS operates simultaneously across various domains-demographic, economic, and governance-to destabilize states and threaten their national security. Given the complex mix of factors that are contributing to Zimbabwe's current malaise (political corruption, a land distribution crisis, and an enduring drought), it is perhaps best to think of the HIV/AIDS epidemic as a powerful "stressor" that is exerting a significant negative influence on the nation's economic health and political stability. …

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