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  1. The Global Fund in the MENA region: an Aidspan regional report 2015

    This is the first regional report published by Aidspan. These regional reports seek to provide a snapshot to country partners, advocates and other stakeholders of comparative information, to make it easier for them to assess their countries’ progress and performance and understand the regional picture of Global Fund programmes.

  2. Southern Sudan HIV/AIDS policy

    The Southern Sudan 2007 HIV/AIDS Policy provides a framework within which HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care, support, and impact mitigation efforts will be undertaken over the next five years. More specifically, it is designed to: 1. Ensure GOSS commitment to addressing HIV/AIDS and underscore its preeminent role in leading Southern Sudan’s response to the epidemic. 2. …

  3. Guidelines for the management of HIV infection and AIDS

    This manual describes the Ministry of Health Policy and standard procedures for early detection of HIV & AIDS, its treatment, counselling, rehabilitation and referral.

  4. Tackling the HIV Challenge in Sudan: The Way Forward

    The Sudan HIV/AIDS Working Group (SHAWG) is a voluntary network of healthcare professionals with interest in HIV/AIDS. SHAWG was founded by Sudanese expatriates working as HIV specialists in the United Kingdom and South Africa and was officially launched in a press conference held in Khartoum on 10 August 2008. This report addresses the challenges and opportunities pertaining to the current level of support received by patients before and after being diagnosed with HIV in Sudan. The magnitude of support at community and hospital levels will be reviewed and a package of interventions proposed. …

  5. National Guidelines for the Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections

    The control of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is an essential component of all public health programs. STIs can remain asymptomatic. By promoting the early detection of STIs, the morbidity associated with infection can be greatly reduced. The interrelationship between HIV infection and the other STIs are many: HIV infection is yet another STI. The objectives of STI case management are to provide treatment, obtain cure, reduce infectivity, prevent future risk, make sure sexual partners are appropriately treated, prevent complications. …

  6. National strategic framework for the control and prevention of HIV/AIDS in the Republic of Yemen

    The goal of the National Strategic Framework is to ensure that by 2005, the highest political leadership in Yemen will have acknowledged the true extent of the HIV/AIDS and STD problem in the country, and declared a commitment including allocation of resource to prevention and care, in conformity with internationally and regionally recognized HIV/AIDS and STD good practice. …

  7. National policy on HIV/AIDS

    This National Policy document aims to give a vision and guiding frameworks to all stakeholders working in HIV/AIDS in the Republic of Sudan to enable the country achieve its objectives in improving the welfare and the quality of life of Sudanese people and prevent potential impact of this epidemic in the development of our nation. The document call for a comprehensive multisectorial response that engage all actors form governments, UN, Civil Society, NGOs and Private sectors as well as bilateral and multilateral agencies. …

  8. The national strategic plan for the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS in the Sudan 2003-2007

    The objectives of this national plan are: To curb the transmission of HIV/AIDS infection through the appropriate strategies; To reduce morbidity and mortality due to HIV/AIDS and to improve the quality of live of the PLWHA; To build the capacity of the different partners involved in the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS; To mobilize and coordinate national and international resources for the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS.

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