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  1. National monitoring and evaluation plan of the national strategic plan 2016-2020

    The strategic information framework presented in this monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan guides and allows stakeholders in the national response to provide oversight and routine performance monitoring of the national response, defined in the National Strategic Plan. It constitutes the national monitoring tool for the generation and use of strategic information to support timely, evidence-informed decision-making processes for successful policy development, program planning and implementation. …

  2. National HIV-TB strategic plan 2016-2020: The benefits of action versus the risks of inaction

    Belize has formulated its third HIV National Strategic Plan (NSP), which spans the period 2016-2020 and which connects the HIV response to the national response to Tuberculosis (TB). The plan aims to be a user-friendly tool to guide the national response to HIV and TB, turning a number of core intervention targets into a blueprint for action. The NSP 2016-2020 confirms the need to narrow the intervention focus as the epidemic has evolved into one that is concentrated in the population of men who have sex with men. …

  3. Getting to zero: Belize HIV strategic plan 2012-2016

    This plan aims to provide reference and guidance to the country’s multi-sectoral response to HIV, as well as to function as a tool for the mobilization of domestic and foreign resources. Chapter 1 provides an introductory overview in which purpose, development process, and the structure of the NSP document are explained and which additionally provides a basic profile of the country. …

  4. Gender Mainstreaming Belize's HIV and AIDS National Strategic Plan 2006 - 2011

    Review and assessment of the National Strategic Plan (NSP) for Belize from the point of view of gender. Based on this assessment, gender gaps were identified to allow the formulation of an action plan to be anchored within the priorities that are outlined in the NSP for HIV & AIDS. This incorporates gender and gender-related training, as well as program development.

  5. National monitoring and evaluation plan of the National Strategic Plan 2006-2011

    As of 2008, Belize had the highest HIV seroprevalence rate in Central America (2.4%) and the third highest rate in the Caribbean region (National AIDS Commission 2006:11). The Belize epidemic is characterized by heterosexual transmission (71% of cases). The national HIV/AIDS response is multi-sectoral in its approach and is guided by the National Strategic Plan (NSP) 2006-2011. This Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan describes the approach and system developed to assess progress and impact of the overall strategic objectives of the National Strategic Plan (NSP) for Belize 2006-2011. …

  6. Strategic plan for a multi-sectoral national response to HIV/AIDS in Belize (2006-2011)

    The National Strategic Plan for Belize will yield the following benefits: provide the structural framework to ensure cooperation and collaboration for action; supply guidelines and a framework for organizing and scheduling activities among the various agencies to avoid duplication of efforts; provide a frame of reference with agreed indicators and targets for measuring the country's achievements in its fight against the pandemic, and serve as the core coordinating mechanism for assisting with the resource mobilization and allocation for identified programmes and projects using a common basket  …

  7. The national strategic plan

    This document is a broad national strategic plan designed to guide Belize's response to the HIV&AIDS pandemic. It is not a plan specific to the health sector, but a statement of intent for the country as a whole, both within and outside the government. The plan recognizes that no single sector, ministry, department or organization is, by itself, responsible for addressing the HIV&AIDS epidemic. …

  8. National policy on HIV/AIDS

    This National Policy on HIV/AIDS provides a framework, based on human rights, for the prevention of HIV and the reduction of its impacts at all levels of society. It outlines the specific objectives and strategies of the Government's response to HIV and AIDS.

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