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  1. Enabling Effective Responses HIV in Pacific Island Countries: Options for Human Rights-Based Legislative

    This report presents options for human rights-based legislation for the prevention and management of HIV, for protecting those already infected and those particularly affected by or vulnerable to HIV, and ensuring that people living with HIV can continue to live useful and productive lives. …

  2. Comments to Uganda's Parliamentary Committee on HIV/AIDS and related matters about the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Bill

    This document presents Human Rights Watch's concerns about the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Bill in Uganda, particularly relating to: HIV testing and counseling, generally and among minors; Notification and disclosure obligations; Criminalization of HIV transmission and Criminalization of other conduct related to HIV/AIDS.

  3. Reglamento de la Ley No 238: Ley de promoción, protección y defensa de los derechos humanos ante el sida

    Reglamento que establece las normas de aplicación e interpretación de la Ley No.238 "Ley de Promoción, Protección y Defensa de los Derechos Humanos ante el SIDA" de la República de Nicaragua. En éste, se garantiza la no discriminación, confidencialidad y autonomía personal de las personas que viven con VIH/SIDA. Las pruebas de VIH deben ser voluntarias y su resultado confidencial. No se podrá revelar el estado serológico de ninguna persona, y el Estado se compromete a entregar a la sociedad información científica veraz y relacionada con los derechos humanos y el VIH/SIDA. …

  4. Balancing acts: AIDS review 2008

    Balancing acts looks at the ways in which public health and human rights have often been pulled into tension in dealing with HIV and AIDS and other related health issues. As the HIV and AIDS epidemics have unfolded in South Africa and the epidemic has become a generalised one, increasing tensions have developed between what is called the public health approach and the human rights approach. …

  5. Human Rights Watch submission regarding the Kenya National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan, 2009-2014

    Human Rights Watch welcomes the opportunity to provide input into the drafting of the next Kenya National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan (KNASP), 2009/10-2013/14. This contribution concentrates on children's rights, a policy area that we believe needs to be strengthened.

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