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  1. Summary of the National behavioural change strategy for preventing sexual transmission of HIV

    In Zimbabwe HIV is mostly transmitted through sexual contact. It is estimated that around 4 in 5 HIV infections in Zimbabwe are due to sexual transmission. HIV is now also found in all groups of people in the population, implying that all sexually active people are at risk of contracting HIV. Hence, promoting safe sexual behaviours has to be at the heart of HIV prevention in all communities of Zimbabwe. This strategy offers guidance on what actions can be taken to promote and sustain safe sexual behaviours.

  2. Roadmap on shared responsibility and global solidarity for AIDS, TB and malaria response in Africa

    Structured around three strategic pillars—health governance, diversified financing and access to medicines—the Roadmap offers a set of practical and African-owned solutions to enhance sustainable responses to AIDS, TB and malaria. It defines goals, expected results, roles and responsibilities to hold stakeholders accountable over a three-year time frame, through 2015.

  3. Plan stratégique national de lutte contre l’infection à VIH, le SIDA et les IST, 2011 - 2015

    Le présent Plan Stratégique National de lutte contre l’infection à VIH, le Sida et les IST vise à apporter les réponses adéquates aux défis et lacunes identifiées au cours de la mise en oeuvre du PSN 2006-2010. Ce PSN vise à inverser la tendance de la propagation du VIH et à atténuer l’impact du sida sur la population ivoirienne en particulier les groupes hautement vulnérables, d’ici 2015.

  4. The national priority action plan 2011/12 - 2012/13. Uganda

    The National Priority Action Plan will be used as: - A guide for implementing partners: districts, sectors (public and private), donors, CSOs, and FBOs in developing their annual plans and to align their operational plans in order to contribute to the achievement of NPAP and hence revised National Strategic Plan goals and targets; - A guide to align international support to national priorities; - An instrument to assist with mobilization and allocation of resources to the national response; - An instrument for Uganda AIDS Commission and partners to monitor implementation of the national respon …

  5. National AIDS programmes: a guide to indicators for monitoring and evaluating national HIV/AIDS prevention programmes for young people

    A guide to indicators for monitoring and evaluating national HIV/AIDS prevention programmes for young people has been developed in collaboration with UNAIDS cosponsors and a wide range of other partners to provide an overview of core indicators that should be used at national level to monitor and evaluate programmes directed to HIV prevention among young people. …

  6. National strategic framework for HIV and AIDS response in Namibia 2010/11 – 2015/16

    The National Strategic Framework (NSF) for HIV and AIDS 2010/11 -2015/16 succeeds the MTP-III that came to an end in March 2010. The framework provides strategic policy, planning and implementation guidance and leadership for the national HIV and AIDS multi-sectoral response. The national response is premised on the understanding that HIV and AIDS remains the greatest socioeconomic development challenge in Namibia. The NSF marks a paradigm shift for the national response from doing “business as usual” to evidence and results based multi-sectoral and decentralised planning. …

  7. Linking HIV and sexual reproductive health and rights in Southern Africa 2011-2012. 2011 annual performance report - Lesotho

    This report provides a brief update of the progress made in Lesotho by the partners in the implementation of the EU funded linking HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRH) project in 2011. The project, covering seven countries, was designed to improve capacity of national systems to ensure stronger HIV/AIDS and SRH linkages. The overall objective of the project is to address barriers to efficient and effective linkages between HIV and SRHR policies and services. …

  8. HIV/AIDS program in Jharkhand: a critical review

    This article is an attempt to present and elaborate the HIV/AIDS scenario in Jharkhand state of India, services available, key issues, challenges, and concerns at various levels to mitigate the epidemic. It also examines the role of different stakeholders and agencies in halting and reversing the epidemic. The findings show that there are various challenges that need immediate attention. The article critically examines these issues in detail and suggests the approach to address the epidemic.

  9. Challenges and opportunities in HIV/AIDS counseling: a case of Jharkhand

    The study highlights the challenges and opportunities in HIV/AIDS counseling. The major challenges are recruiting the right individuals and their capacity building and retention. The finding shows that most of the counselors are not befitting in terms of qualification and experience besides motivation, remuneration, and other issues. The study suggests that to ensure the effective counseling to reverse the epidemic, it is important to focus on such issues through appropriate policy interventions.

  10. National HIV and AIDS strategic plan 2013-2018

    Three overarching goals form the basis of the National Strategic Plan 2013-2018. These are: To reduce the incidence of HIV infections in Trinidad and Tobago; To mitigate the negative impact of HIV and AIDS on persons living with HIV and affected by HIV and AIDS in Trinidad and Tobago; To reduce HIV and AIDS related discrimination in Trinidad and Tobago.

  11. Plan stratégique national sur le SIDA 2011-2015

    Le plan stratégique national sur le sida 2011-2015 vise la réduction des nouvelles infections, l’amélioration de la qualité de vie des PVVIH et le renforcement de la bonne gouvernance de la réponse. …

  12. National strategic plan (NSP) for HIV/AIDS in Antigua and Barbuda (2012-2016)

    During the plan period (2012 - 2016) Antigua and Barbuda will remain committed to its mission of substantially reducing the spread and impact of HIV through sustainable systems of universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support. …

  13. National HIV and AIDS strategic plan 2011/12 - 2014/15

    The Vision of the NSP is “A population free of HIV and its effects”, while the overarching Goal is “to achieve universal access targets for HIV&AIDS prevention, care, treatment, social support and protection by 2015”. The guiding principles are “Accountability and Personal responsibility, Advancement of best practice, Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV, Protecting Human Rights, Evidence-based planning and implementation, Adherence to the “Three Ones”, Effective mutual integration and mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS, Beneficiary involvement and Accountability for results”. …

  14. Plan stratégique national de lutte contre le SIDA et les infections sexuellement transmissibles 2012-2015

    Avec pour vision de parvenir à un Togo sans nouvelles infections à VIH et atténuer l’impact du sida sur la population en général et en particulier les groupes hautement vulnérables afin qu’elles contribuent au développement socio-économique, le présent Plan Stratégique National a pour but d’offrir au plus grand nombre de Togolaises et de Togolais, les services de prévention, de traitement, de soins et d’appui adéquats. Les principes directeurs transversaux dans la mise en oeuvre de ce plan sont : la décentralisation, la prise en compte du genre et les droits humains. …

  15. Grenada national HIV/AIDS strategic plan 2012-2016

    The strategic priorities and programmatic orientation of the National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan, 2012-2016 are intended to address outstanding challenges posed by the HIV epidemic in Grenada. The strategic focus is informed by the policy direction of the Medium Term Economic Strategy of the Government of Grenada and is an expression of the collective will of all stakeholders – public sector, private sector, civil society, non-governmental organizations, faith-based organizations, persons living with HIV, trade unions, media. …


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