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  1. National HIV and AIDS policy

    Although HIV prevalence in Afghanistan is currently low among the general population, it is a country at high risk for the spread of HIV. The Afghanistan National Strategic Framework for HIV/AIDS 2011-2015 (ANASF-II) provides Afghanistan's strategic guidance for action for HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support, outlining the roles of the National AIDS Control Program (NACP) and Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) to sustain a comprehensive and multi-sectoral response, with the support of other key sectors and civil society. …

  2. National monitoring and evaluation plan on HIV/AIDS 2011-2015

    This M&E Plan, primarily designed to measure the performance of the National Strategic Plan and enabling the tracking and assessment of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and its effects on the population. It is structured into the following four chapters and annexes: Chapter 1: Introduction and Background; Chapter 2: M&E Plan Objectives, NSP Results and Indicators; Chapter 3: Data Sources, Management and Reporting; Chapter 4: M&E Management and Coordination Framework; Annex 1: Costed Two Year Implementation Plan; Annex 11: Draft National HIV and AIDS Data Collection Tool.

  3. Social protection and cash transfers to strengthen families affected by HIV and AIDS

    Based on a review of over 300 documents, this monograph examines how social protection can be used to protect children and families affected by HIV and AIDS. It reviews evidence on the impacts of 10 unconditional cash transfer (UCT) programs in southern and East Africa and 10 conditional cash transfer (CCT) programs in Latin America. …

  4. Feuille de route pour l'accès universel à la prévention, au traitement et aux soins du VIH et du SIDA. Plan de mise en oeuvre 2007-2010

    Pour assurer l’accès universel à la prévention, au traitement et aux soins et soutien, le PNMLS privilégiera cinq axes de renforcement programmatique : La Réduction des Obstacles à l’accès universel ; La Prévention contre le VIH/SIDA ; La Prise en charge ; Le Soutien et la Réduction de l’Impact du VIH/SIDA ; La Coordination, suivi et évaluation des activités de lutte contre le VIH/SIDA.

  5. The Eastern Cape provincial HIV and AIDS and STI strategic plan of action 2007-2011

    This provincial strategic plan is organised into a number of chapters each dealing with specific aspects of the plan. The summary below brings out the key tenets of what each section deals with namely: part A, background; part B, mission and vision; part C, alignment with the NSP; part D, monitoring and evaluation and strengthening the coordination of the provincial response.

  6. National strategic and action plan on HIV/AIDS/STI control and prevention 2011-2015

    The purpose of the NSAP 2011-2015 is to guide the national response to HIV/AIDS. The goals of the plan are: 1. Maintain the present low level of HIV prevalence in the general population (15-49) below 1%; 2. Ensure HIV seroprevalence among most-at-risk populations is lower than 5%. The objectives of the plan are: 1. Scale up the national response in order to minimize the impact of HIV/AIDS on the social and economic development in the Lao PDR; 2. Improve the quality of life of people infected with and affected by HIV. The strategy identifies the following strategic components: 1. …

  7. National HIV/AIDS Strategy 2011-2016

    The National HIV/AIDS Strategy 2011 - 2016 is a national guiding document and a road map for the next five year, for all sectors, institutions and partners involved in the response to HIV and AIDS in Nepal to meet the national goal; to achieve univeral access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support with two major programmatic objectives (i) reduce new HIV prevention by 50% and (ii) reduce HIV related dealths by 25%, by 2016.

  8. Myanmar National Strategic Plan and Operational Plan on HIV and AIDS 2011-2015

    This National Strategic Plan on HIV and AIDS 2011-2015 is composed of two parts: Part One presenting situation analysis, vision, aim, objectives, guiding principles and strategic priorities; and part Two, presenting, ofr each strategic priority, a number of interventions with target populations, activity arrea, outcomes, outputs, indicators and targets. Detailed guiding principles, information on the roles and responsibilities of participating entities, insitutional arrangements and coordinating mechanisms in annexes.

  9. National strategic plan on HIV/AIDS 2011-2015

    This NSP is Sierra Leone’s second multi-sectoral strategic plan on AIDS response. The plan describes the unique challenges that HIV and AIDS pose to Sierra Leone’s economic and social development and how it will be addressed. …

  10. Plan stratégique national de lutte contre le SIDA 2007-2011

    Le présent document du PSN 2007 à 2011 est structuré en trois chapitres. Le premier chapitre résume la situation de l’épidémie du VIH dans le pays ainsi que les projections concernant son évolution future. Les progrès notables enregistrés dans la mise en oeuvre de la stratégie nationale au cours des années 2002 à 2006 sont par la suite relatés, tout en mettant en exergue les faiblesses et les obstacles rencontrés. …

  11. Guide to HIV/AIDS policy development. Support to the HIV/AIDS response in Zambia (SHARe) project

    There is now a broad consensus that an enabling policy environment is needed to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic, given its cross-cutting nature. This realisation has led to an increasing demand for dedicated policies for informing and guiding programming and activity planning regarding HIV/AIDS. It would, however, appear that there is a dearth of policy development skills among the majority of actors in the HIV/AIDS subsector. Past efforts to develop HIV/AIDS policy often lacked analytical depth and failed to identify key HIV/AIDS issue areas. …

  12. Zanzibar national HIV strategic plan II (ZNSP-II) 2011-2016

    The Zanzibar National HIV Strategic Plan 2011-2016 (ZNSP-II) has been formulated to guide the national HIV response and builds on the efforts and achievements of the ZNSP-I (2005-2009). The goal of ZNSP-II is to: i) prevent the spread of HIV in Zanzibar; ii) to mitigate the associated ill health (morbidity), socio-economic and psychosocial impact of the HIV epidemic on individuals, their families and communities, the key populations in Zanzibar and the whole nation; and iii) provide access to care and treatment for all eligible PLHIV. …

  13. National strategic plan for HIV, STIs and TB, 2012-2016 South Africa

    The NSP is the strategic guide for the national response to HIV, STIs and TB for the next five years. The plan addresses the drivers of the HIV and TB epidemics and builds on the achievements of the previous NSPs to achieve its goals. Interventions that have worked well will be scaled up and the quality of service delivery will be improved, while at the same time proven new interventions will be implemented. …

  14. HIV/AIDS and the health-related Millennium Development Goals: the experience in Ethiopia

    Ethiopia’s AIDS response is distinguished by its ‘integrated health system strengthening approach’ to expanding health service delivery. This approach is believed to have contributed to the significant strides the country has made towards the health MDGs. At the global level, in a drive to maximize efficiencies and demonstrate the impact of the substantial investments made in health over the last decade, there has been growing literature examining the positive bi-directional linkages between the response to AIDS and the MDGs. …

  15. Regulations on AIDS Prevention and Treatment

    Regulations on AIDS Prevention and Treatment


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