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  1. Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS in youth employment

    This publication aims to support governments, employers’, and workers’ organizations as well as other stakeholder in addressing HIV and AIDS among young people and combatting discrimination and stigmatization of young workers affected by the HIV epidemic. It includes guidelines and concrete examples that can be used by actors working on HIV and AIDS as well as youth employment initiatives.

  2. Sistematización sobre el impacto y el abordaje del VIH/SIDA en el ámbito laboral en El Salvador

    Con el fin de profundizar la toma de conciencia, el diálogo y la acción, la OIT convocó el Seminario Tripartito Subregional de Información y Sensibilización sobre Políticas y Programas Laborales de Lucha contra el VIH/SIDA en Centroamérica, Haití, Panamá y República Dominicana, que tuvo lugar en San José de Costa Rica, en setiembre de 2005. …

  3. Informes diagnósticos sobre la discriminación y exclusión laboral por VIH/SIDA en Honduras

    Parámetros o indicadores más frecuentes de discriminación y exclusión laboral por VIH/SIDA que enfrentan los trabajadores en Honduras.

  4. Informes diagnósticos sobre la Discriminación y Exclusión Laboral por VIH/SIDA en Costa Rica

    Parte desde un vistazo general al marco jurídico existente y la observancia de los derechos humanos, hasta la atención que reciben aquellos trabajadores en situación de vulnerabilidad, pasando por aspectos tales como: impacto de la situación epidemiológica en la población; campañas de educación e información; atención integral; relaciones entre empleadores y trabajadores; los principios de la seguridad social; asignación de recursos de las instituciones involucradas y acceso a servicios; valores y actitudes presentes en la sociedad, entre los más importantes.

  5. Joint ILO/WHO guidelines on health services and HIV/AIDS

    The purpose of these guidelines is to promote the sound management of HIV/AIDS in health services, including the prevention of occupational exposure. Furthermore, the purpose is to ensure that health-care workers have decent, safe and healthy working conditions, while ensuring effective care that respects the needs and rights of patients, especially those living with HIV/AIDS. …

  6. HIV/AIDS: a threat to decent work, productivity and development: document for discussion at the Special High-level Meeting on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work, Geneva, 8 June 2000

    Much has been learned about the pandemic and how it should be addressed - and in particular that AIDS prevention and care are complex issues requiring a multi-sectoral approach. However, the full potential role of the world of work as a major venue for partnerships and interventions to prevent HIV/AIDS, protect workers and reduce its impact on business remains untapped. …

  7. Tackling HIV/AIDS Stigma: Guidelines for the workplace

    These guidelines were developed to provide people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA), HIV/AIDS co-ordinators and managers within a workplace setting with practical and user-friendly recommendations on how to create a HIV/AIDS-friendly environment in an appropriate and effective manner. Although the research was conducted in a government workplace, it is believed that many of the recommendations are relevant in other workplace settings. Additional sets of guidelines are available for the faith and PLHA sectors. …

  8. Kenya Network of Positive Teachers (KENEPOTE) HIV and AIDS planning workshop report

    This is a report of the first workshop ever held in Kenya for HIV-positive teachers, between 13th and 18th December 2004. It was organised by the Kenya Network of Positive Teachers (KENEPOTE) and the POLICY Project with support from USAID. The 60 HIV positive teachers attending came from all Kenyan provinces. The December 2004 workshop's goal was to sensitise HIV-positive teachers and important education sector stakeholders on KENEPOTE Goals, Vision, Mission and Objectives. …

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