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  1. La otra epidemia: El SIDA en el área rural

    Este documento reúne siete trabajos de investigación o ejemplos de trabajo con poblaciones indígenas sobre VIH/SIDA realizados en poblaciones de Coahuila, Chihuahua, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Veracruz y Zacatecas, ya que en todos ellos existe una presencia importante de casos de SIDA en zonas rurales. …

  2. HIV/AIDS awareness and behaviour

    The publication highlights findings from a series of a national demographic and health surveys that are directly relevant to AIDS epidemic. It provides a picture of HIV-and-AIDS related awareness and behaviour across countries and population groups, age and gender. Information about risk-related behaviours, their determinants and the context within which they occur has direct relevance targeting of AIDS prevention efforts.

  3. Using folk media in HIV/AIDS prevention in rural Ghana

    Using folk media in HIV/AIDS prevention in rural Ghana

  4. People's development: a community governance tool

    From the Foreword. Community governance through developing local people’s potentials and rediscovering indigenous wisdom, knowledge base and other resources provide a solid platform for building a community’s HIV resilience. This approach, based on traditional South-East Asian culture, also equips the rural communities to be competitive in the global economy. As part of the UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Project’s effort to document good practice, this is one of the series on community models.

  5. What's cooking. AIDS Review 2005

    AIDS Review 2005 focuses on the impact of HIV and AIDS on agriculture and the politics of food access and production. The review employs an historical perspective in grappling with these issues, and argues that the effects of HIV/AIDS and those of food insecurity are best understood when one takes into account the specifics of the historical development of South Africa's political economy and especially the development of the agricultural sector. …

  6. Communities facing the HIV/AIDS challenge: From crisis to opportunity, from community vulnerability to community resilience

    Rural households are managing as best they can in a rapidly changing and often threatening world which makes them vulnerable to the risk of HIV infection and ill-equipped to cope with the effects of AIDS. Their chances of managing can be improved if they function in a supportive environment. …

  7. De l'impact du VIH/SIDA sur les familles/communautés rurales et de la necéssité de concevoir des stratégies multisectorielles en vue de prévenir la pandémie et d'en atténuer les effets dans les zones rurales

    Ce document passe en revue les publications disponibles sur les problèmes de VIH/SIDA quant à leurs effets sur les services de vulgarisation agricole. Il propose également des stratégies de vulgarisation agricole pour prévenir la maladie et en réduire l'impact sur les populations rurales, en collaboration avec les services techniques compétents. Toutefois, il relève que les connaissances en matière d'impact du VIH sur le développement agricole sont tirées d'études menées en Afrique de l'Est, de ce fait, les impacts pourraient être différents dans d'autres régions.

  8. A review of household and community responses to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa

    The purpose of this study is to review existing literature on household and community HIV/AIDS coping strategies and to make policy recommendations. It is intended to serve as a background paper to stimulate discussion among the UN Theme Groups on HIV/AIDS and major stakeholders on what can be done. The focus is on sub-Saharan Africa. It is a desk review and has some limitations in coverage.

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