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  1. Training for life: teacher training on HIV/AIDS

    In May 2006, Education International (EI) published ' Training for Life' a draft report aimed at establishing a clear picture on the record of governments in providing pre- and in-service training to teachers on HIV and AIDS. The report was written on the basis of information submitted by EI affiliated teacher unions in 8 countries. This latest edition of Training for Life updates the situation regarding teacher training on HIV and AIDS in these countries (where new data was available), whilst also taking some newcomers, namely Sierra Leone and Guyana. …

  2. SIDA en milieu scolaire: cas de Cameroun

    L'école camerounaise baigne dans un contexte socioculturel où certaines traditions n'accordent pas assez de place à l'éducation sexuelle. Par ailleurs, les programmes scolaires ne proposent qu'un aperçu d'éducation sexuelle, qui est en inadéquation avec la volonté politique de mettre en place un cadre organisationnel et juridique en matière d'éducation, de santé publique et de lutte contre le SIDA.La situation économique n'est guère reluisante. L'espoir des populations repose sur une politique de développement mise à rude épreuve. …

  3. Education for All HIV and AIDS: the teachers' union response

    In order to better meet the needs of teachers' representatives worldwide, EI and its partners decided to merge two key training programmes dealing with Education For All and HIV and AIDS prevention in schools. The two issues are inextricably linked. HIV and AIDS represent a direct threat to reaching the "Education For All" goals, whilst lack of schooling contributes to the further spread of the epidemic. The publication presents the two separate EI programmes - EFA and HIV and AIDS - and shows why EI chose to combine them. …

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