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  1. Gender tales from Africa: voices of children and women against discrimination

    The collection of these tales aims to provide relevant and experiential case studies for participants in gender-related courses in schools, colleges and universities, as well as in non-formal education settings. Most of the tales were written and tested by facilitators and learners during the annual 'Gender and Development in Southern Africa' course between 1998 and 2000. Several were also tested in a UNICEF workshop on 'Gender, Sexuality and HIV/ AIDS in Education', which was held in Malawi in July 2001. …

  2. Elas por Elas

    A epidemia de Aids está crescendo expressivamente entre as mulheres. Apesar disto, muitas delas não se consideram em risco e nem sabem que nos serviços de DST/Aids da Cidade de São Paulo é possível realizar testes, consultas sobre Doenças Sexualmente Transmissíveis (DST) e AIDS, receber orientações e retirar, gratuitamente, camisinhas e outros insumos de prevenção. É para conversar sobre tudo isto, de mulher para mulher, que existe o projeto "Elas por Elas - Estratégias de prevenção às DST/Aids entre as mulheres". …

  3. Mobilizing religious communities to respond to gender-based violence and HIV: a training manual

    This manual has been designed to guide trainers in conducting workshops for religious leaders and women leaders of faith on GBV and HIV. It was created specifically for heads of religious organizations, such as inter-religious councils and women's religious organizations. While this material was piloted with leaders, it can be adapted to meet the specific priorities and needs of participants, such as other organization members. …

  4. Sakhi Saheli. Promoting Gender Equity and Empowering Young Women. A Training Manual

    Sakhi Saheli: Promoting Gender Equity and Empowering Young Women - a Training Manual has been developed by CORO for Literacy and Horizons/Population Council with support from Instituto Promundo. The Manual is an important resource for those who work with young females to prevent HIV infection and sexual and reproductive health problems. …

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