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  1. Health and family life education: teacher's guide

    This "Health and Family Life Education" curriculum was developed by Gerard Drakes, Mavis Fuller, Christopher Graham and Barbara Jenkins, in coordination with a number of different official partners of Caribbean countries, as well as UNICEF, UNESCO and the Education Development Center Inc (EDC). The manual was published in 2011. The main goal of this Curriculum is to help lower secondary students in acquiring skills necessary to cope with the challenges facing Caribbean societies nowadays, to make healthy life choices, assisting them in developing proper attitudes, morals and values. …

  2. Secondary school curriculum: forms 1-3: health and family life education

    This "Secondary school curriculum" is the national curriculum guide for teachers at secondary schools. It is the result of seven years of development and revision activity approved and edited by the Ministry of Education in 2009. The main goal of the manual is to provide main assistance for development and implementation of instructional programs at the school and classroom levels. The document has a direct focus on an integrated approach to curriculum delivery, in which the teacher is not unduly restricted by the subject content. …

  3. Revised Curriculum Guide For Institutions Engaged In Teacher Teaching Preparation

    This manual is the revised Curriculum Guide for teacher preparation in HFLE. The main goal of this guide is to provide participants and tutors with a framework for delivery of health and family life education lessons. Curriculum units develop five Themes with recommended standards, outcomes, general objectives and skills.

  4. Health and Family Life Education Teacher Training Manual

    The main goal of the manual is to provide regional coordinators with materials to conduct teacher-training in the HFLE Common Curriculum on two unit themes: Self and Interpersonal Relationships (which incorporates violence prevention) and Sexuality and Sexual Health (which includes HIV/AIDS prevention). The document can serve as a regional coordinator's training manual in order to standardize teacher training across the four CARICOM countries.

  5. Health and family life education curriculum for primary schools: Lower, Middle and Upper divisions guides and Resource Guides for Teachers

    This six booklets on Health and family life education (HFLE) are intended to teachers of primary schools. The purpose of these guides is to provide teachers with materials and resources to implement HFLE. These guides build on the foundation of the Regional Curriculum Framework for HLFE, which sets out the HFLE philosophy and standards for teaching and identifies the desired knowledge, skills and behavioral outcomes for students. Unit themes and the content of lessons are responsive to the many health and social challenges in the region, including HIV/AIDS, violence and substance abuse. …

  6. Los caminos de la vida: Manual de capacitación

    Este documento es un manual dirigido a jóvenes que viven en comunidades rurales mestizas (donde la lengua materna es el español) de México, para que los educadores y el personal de salud puedan promover una cultura preventiva que contribuya al ejercicio de los derechos sexuales y reproductivos. …

  7. Sexualidad y Cuidados. Reproducción, Anticoncepción, ITS y VIH/sida: Material de apoyo para el trabajo cara a cara

    Folleto educativo sobre sexualidad, ITS y VIH/SIDA. Incluye descripciones generales de cada aspecto e ilustraciones.

  8. Censo Escolar 2005: Levantamento das ações em DST/Aids, Saúde Sexual e Saúde Reprodutiva e Drogas

    Análisis de la implementación de la política brasileña de Educación en Salud en Brasil. Teniendo como referencia los datos del censo escolar de 2005, particularmente el instrumento "Levantamientode las acciones en Promoción de la Salud y Educación Preventiva", el estudio analiza algunos de los resultados más importantes. La muestra está compuesta por 165.481 escuelas de todo el territorio nacional. …

  9. A Compilation of Resource Materials for teachers of Health and Family Life Education

    Compilation of Health and Family Life Education Resource Materials for Teachers is a manual edited by the Ministry of Education in Guyana in 2005. …

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