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  1. Guide to HIV/AIDS policy development. Support to the HIV/AIDS response in Zambia (SHARe) project

    There is now a broad consensus that an enabling policy environment is needed to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic, given its cross-cutting nature. This realisation has led to an increasing demand for dedicated policies for informing and guiding programming and activity planning regarding HIV/AIDS. It would, however, appear that there is a dearth of policy development skills among the majority of actors in the HIV/AIDS subsector. Past efforts to develop HIV/AIDS policy often lacked analytical depth and failed to identify key HIV/AIDS issue areas. …

  2. Cadre stratégique national 2008-2012

    Le Cadre Stratégique National 2008-2012 est de nature multisectorielle et pluridisciplinaire. Il définit les principes directeurs et les grandes orientations, les stratégies et les actions prioritaires de riposte à l'épidémie du sida. Il prend en compte les acquis et les faiblesses du CSN 2003-2007, notamment des lacunes dans le suivi et l'évaluation, de l'inadéquation de la couverture géographique, de la faible contribution de l'Etat dans le financement de la réponse nationale et du faible respect des "Trois Principes". …

  3. Resource Requirements for Cambodia's 2001-2005 HIV/AIDS National Strategic Plan

    The following report provides a summary analysis of the resources required to acheive the broad objectives outlined in Cambodia's National Strategic Plan (NSP). This report outlines the costs associated with each strategic objective.

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