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  1. A strategic framework for engagement in HIV control and promotion of maternal, newborn and child health in Kenya: Accelerating progress in saving the lives of women and children 2013-2017

    The overall goal of the strategy is to mobilise and provide leadership towards ZERO new HIV infections and reduce the number of deaths among women and children in Kenya. This framework will provide guidance for the strategic engagement of the First Lady of the Republic of Kenya to catalyze action and accelerate the attainment of national and international commitments to HIV, maternal and child health targets. To catalyse and sustain on-going efforts in HIV, maternal and child health, the Office of the First Lady will focus on: 1. Accelerate Programs. …

  2. SADC Minimum Standards for child and adolescent HIV, TB and malaria continuum of care and support (2013-2017)

    The Minimum Standards serve as a framework to guide the regional harmonisation of approaches for a continuum of care and support in HIV, TB and malaria for children and adolescents in the SADC region. This is necessary to improve the effectiveness of national and community efforts to accelerate child survival and achieve comprehensive developmental outcomes for children and adolescents. …

  3. Namibia national plan of action for orphans and vulnerable children 2006-2010

    This Plan of Action supplements the National Policy by identifying concrete activities in support of these goals. It was developed through a collaborative process involving various stakeholders under the leadership of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare. It also takes into account the views of Namibian children, especially orphans and vulnerable children. …

  4. Estrategia Nacional para la Infancia y la Adolescencia (2006-2010): "de la Convención al Cumplimiento de los Derechos": Bases conceptuales y metodológicas.

    Este documento constituye el primer escalón en el iniciado proceso de construcción de la Estrategia Nacional para la Infancia y Adolescencia y consta de: 1. Presentación del conjunto de derechos identificados como prioritarios para el próximo quinquenio. 2. Presentación de las líneas estratégicas sectoriales, de cada organismo participante del CCE, vinculadas a los derechos antes mencionados. La fuente de dichas líneas estratégicas son los respectivos proyectos de presupuesto de cada organismo. 3. …

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