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  1. Strengthening civil society organizations and government partnerships to scale up approaches engaging men and boys for gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights: a tool for action

    This tool is a living document that provides guidance on good partnership practices that promote strong relationships between civil society organizations and government representatives on engaging men and boys in gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Its goal is to strengthen these partnerships in order to enable the scale up and/or institutionalization of evidence-based approaches to engaging men and boys. …

  2. Convergence of HIV and sexual and reproductive health services for people living with or most at risk of HIV: A toolkit for building capacity

    HIV-SRH convergence is defined as a very wide range of activities or processes, which are undertaken with an objective to provide a complete package to enable people to access services for HIV and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) which overlap. The aim of this capacity-building toolkit is to provide practical guidance for building capacity of various institutions to converge or integrate HIV and SRH services strategically, so that people who are living with HIV or are most at risk of HIV can access the SRH services they need without any barriers. …

  3. Synergising HIV/AIDS and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. A Manual for NGOs

    Synergising HIV/AIDS and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. A Manual for NGOs is a document developed by AIDSNET, the Danish NGO Network on AIDS and Development in 2006. It provides guidance to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as well as their partners in low-income countries on how NGOs can integrate HIV/AIDS related issues with those of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). However, the manual can be used by staff and partners of any NGO with an interest in HIV/AIDS and related aspects of SRHR and other public health issues. …

  4. Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS among Young People. Compendium of Institutions in Bangladesh

    This document is a compilation of organizations working in the field of adolescent sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS among young people in Bangladesh. The organizations are categorized in to four categories: Category I : Organizations that are strong and can provide technical support on health sector response to HIV/YP (youth program). Category II : Organizations that can provide technical assistance on the health sector response to HIV and YP and if oriented adequately could provide support to HIV and YP. …

  5. Informe Técnico sobre Monitoreo de las Metas UNGASS para la Salud Sexual y Reproductiva de las Mujeres

    Este informe técnico ha sido elaborado por MYSU en articulación con ASEPO en el marco de un proyecto internacional para el seguimiento de la Declaración de compromisos de Naciones Unidas sobre VIH-SIDA (UNGASS), en lo que refiere a la salud sexual y reproductiva.Para la elaboración de los informes se establecieron indicadores comunes que tienen como objetivo recoger información sobre la realidad de los países en relación a la pandemia de VIHSIDA y su impacto progresivo en las mujeres. …

  6. Catastro de Instituciones que trabajan en Salud Sexual y Reproductiva y VIH/SIDA en Chile

    Catastro de instituciones chilenas (ONGs, Universidades y Centros Académicos, Organismos Gubernamentales, organizaciones sociales) que al 2007 estaban vigentes y desarrollando investigaciones e intervenciones en salud sexual y reproductiva y VIH/SIDA. Se entregan los datos de contacto y actividades que realizan yála metodología utilizada para la confección del catastro. Este catastro también está disponible en: www.flacso.cl

  7. Linking sexual and reproductive health and rights with the HIV response - how civil society in Mongolia mobilised Global Fund resources to take action

    Using the example of Mongolia's successful Round 7 Global Fund proposal, this briefing shows that resources can be successfully mobilised to support integrated approaches that link sexual and reproductive health and rights, and HIV (SRHR/HIV).

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